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Introducing the Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. Extranet Site
Welcome to the Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. Extranet Website.
 Employees may use their userid and password  to access site content.

Our Corporate Goals and Values

  • Deal with each other, customers, and suppliers with fairness and integrity.
  • Outperform the competition by providing customers better service, quality, and price.
  • Satisfy customers so that they become fans and advocates of our company.
  • Remain the low-cost supplier in the markets we serve.
  • Identify and contract for additional production capacity consistent with remaining the low-cost supplier in the market.


Desired Hallmarks of the Continental Carbonic Culture

  • Showing integrity and respect for others:  Dealing with each other, customers and suppliers with respect, integrity and honesty ("Doing the Right Thing").
  • Expecting and achieving high performance:  Setting high performance standards, supporting employees' work efforts and rewarding their performance accomplishments ("Having Passion to Be the Best"). 
  • Exceeding our customers' expectations:  Providing customers with outstanding service, quality and price to create fans and advocates of the company ("Delighting Our Customers").
  • Promoting collaboration:  Creating a work environment in which trust, communication and accountability foster a high degree of collaboration among employees ("Working Together").
  • Focusing on operational efficiency:  Having a sense of urgency to continuously improve our processes and costs to remain the lowest-cost supplier in our markets ("Continuing to Improve").

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